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  • About

    Benefit Personal Training was founded in April 2004 by
    Carley Lavelle with the goal of making exercise fun, where great
    results can be achieved in a friendly environment where everyone
    feels comfortable and motivated regardless of their fitness levels.

    Our core values focus on providing exceptional personalised customer service.
    We believe achieving the best results is driven by creating a strong relationship between
    the client and trainer. All of our highly qualified personal trainers guarantee ongoing contact and motivation not only during your sessions. But can also be contacted via phone, email, facebook, twitter and text whenever you require us.

  • race Calendar

    Peak Performance
    519 N 78th St
    Omaha, NE

    Date: Wed May 18,2011
    Start: 6:00 pm
    End: 7:00 pm

    Step Into
    Running 4

    Millers Park Landing
    by Gallup University
    Omaha, NE

    Date: Sat May 21,2011
    Start: 8:00 am
    End: 11:00 am

    Race Against The Odds

    Peak Performance
    519 N 78th St
    Omaha, NE

    Date: Sat Jun 11,2011
    Start: 8:00 am
    End: 10:00 am

    Big Blue Run for Prostate Cancer

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  • Small Group Training

    Small Group Training offers most of the benefits of One on One
    Personal Training for a fraction of the cost. Training with others is fun
    and can also provide extra motivation. Small groups generally consist of
    between 1-5 clients, however training is still personalised for your fitness level
    and goals. Sessions are at set times throughout the week.

  • One on One Training

    Our One on One Training is perfect for those who desire to train
    alone and wish to have their trainer's sole focus and attention.

  • Buddy Training

    Buddy Training is available for you, and a friend, family member
    or work colleague to train together. This is cost effective alternative
    to One on One Training, and still offers a large variety of exercises.
    Training with a buddy can help provide better fitness results through
    friendly competition and accountability and offer social support.

  • Own Group Training

    We can also offer group training where you organise your own group
    and train at a time and location that suits your group and your trainer.
    The group size can start from 3 people to larger groups.

  • Yummy Mummies Classes

    Yummy Mummies Classes are designed for mothers to attend and
    interact with their babies. Classes place emphasis on the recovery
    process after birth, strengthening pelvic floor and also increasing mum's
    core stability to help with the lifting and carrying of your ever growing baby.

    This is a great class to not only improve your fitness but it also serves as a
    good opportunity to meet other mums while bonding with your baby.

  • Introduction Course

    This is a Women’s only 4 week course consisting of 10 sessions,
    with the aim to provide you with the knowledge and confidence to
    follow a basic weights program on your own, safely and effectively. At the
    end of the 4 weeks your trainer will also provide you with a individual
    program to follow.

  • Fitness Testing

    One of our qualified trainers will takes you through an array of
    fitness tests to determine your strengths and weaknesses You will
    be given a report after completion summarising your results and areas
    which need to be improved on. This is great for goal orientated people who
    need to focus on improvements and results.

  • Corporate Fitness

    Corporate Fitness is suitable for every organisation. Workplaces
    that embrace fitness as part of their workplace culture can often
    find results in improving productivity and staff morale by encouraging
    team work and helping employees to foster a healthy lifestyle.

    Our programs are designed to meet the specific needs of the workplace by
    customising the exercise program to suit the size, location, team building
    requirements, company goals and individual fitness level of each employee.

  • Program Design

    Program Design is suitable for somebody that would like a personal
    trainer’s knowledge of training but wishes to train alone. In this
    session the client answers questions about their fitness and health levels
    and what they hope to achieve from there training. Their
    personal trainer will then design a program specifically for them and give
    them a brief demonstration on exercises and weight selection.

    Program Updates are available whenever the client feels they
    would like or require a change to their current program.

  • Session Times

    8:00am, 10:15am, 4:30pm
    10:30am, 5:30pm
    8:00am, 9:00am, 10:15am


    All session times except prior to 9:00am have childcare facilities available.

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    Session Location

    Sessions are held at Genetics Fitness Club at 314 Hillsborough Road, Warners Bay NSW. We also offer a mobile service where we can train clients at their home, office or other locations. We bring all the equipment that is needed.

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    Contact Details

    Carley Lavelle
    Telephone:0411 261 851

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  • About Carley Lavelle

    I was always a very active child and teenager, being a national
    runner and playing representative sport, a career in the fitness
    industry seemed like the perfect choice for me. I started working in the
    fitness industry in 2002, after completing a Diploma in Fitness. Now after a
    decade of working in a fitness centre and personal training I couldn’t imagine
    doing anything else.

    Aside from being the Managing Director of Benefit Personal Training, I also teach a number of group fitness classes and teach at TAFE where I enjoy passing on things I have learnt to future Personal Trainers. I am also mum to a young toddler so I understand how important it is for mothers to look after themselves and the juggling act that comes with families. I am very passionate about pre and post natal exercise and knowing what an important role it played in my pregnancy and recovery.

    My Philosophy
    My fitness philosophy is to be active in life and enjoy what I am
    doing. I have always loved exercise and feel that being active is important to maintain not only physical but mental health as well.

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    find us

    Genetics Fitness Club
    The Original Fitness Club that has been apart of Warners Bay since 1991. With over 70 Group Fitness Classes per week, there is something to suit all ages and fitness levels.